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India Update June 2007

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The 2007 Mission Team has been busy the last month doing ministry all over India. What follows is an excerpt from the team’s online journal.

Shod your feet with The Gospel of Peace: In some of the epistles the apostle Paul wrote, he urged us to finish a race so that we may have our heavenly reward. In order to do well we need to do two things. First we should have the right equipment; otherwise our feet will get sore or scraped up. The second thing we need to do is condition ourselves to run the race. Without conditioning we will not last very long in any sporting event. So how do we condition ourselves for the race?

A song we sing for the kids is to read your Bible, and pray every day, so that you may grow, grow, grow. In our race of life Paul also urges us to grow as we come to the finish line, so that as we grow, we strengthen our foundation. Without the Gospel the foundation of Christianity is no more. As the Old Testament leads us to Christ, it’s Christ who teaches us how to live. Many people can talk the talk when it comes to Christ’s teaching, but without the Gospel of Peace we can not walk the walk, while doing the talk. If we have the same attitude as the author of Psalm 119, we will find peace in every area of life, and we can confidently go out fulfilling the Great Commission, going out to all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I’ve taught you.”

The team, who will be returning the last week of June, have been conducting VBSs for hundreds of children in Hyderabad, Ramachandrapuram, Kakinada, Bangalore, Kalimpong and Sikkim while also traveling in Dehradun, Mussoorie and Darjeeling.

Continue to pray for them as they wind up their travels. Pray also for the many people they witnessed to – that God might be glorified in saving his elect in India.

India Update May 2007

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The India Mission Project 2007 Team will begin their travels May 24.  Stay tuned for a detailed itinerary.
The Poelman family will be arriving in Michigan for a 9-12 month furlough on July 3.  Stay tuned for details on work projects to get their house ready for their return.
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India Update 3/21/07

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The 2007 Summer India Team is now formed! Praise God for answering our prayers and bringing together one fine group of people including: Michelle Deweerd (Bethel URC), David Kroll (Allendale URC), Stephen Kol (Lamont CRC), Lindsay Prins (also Lamont CRC), Johnathon Meyer (Immanuel Covenant URC in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada) and Reuben Addink (also Immanuel Covenant URC).

The team will be working and traveling in India with the Poelman family May 24 – June 29. They will be holding at least three VBSs with the churches in the CRA (see India page for more information on this federation of churches). Additionally, they plan to visit various children’s homes around the country.

You can help support this worthy project by participating in a Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, April 14 at Hudsonville Lanes located just north of Chicago Dr. on 28th Ave in Hudsonville, Michigan.


Steve and Nalini Poelman, India


Steven Poelman was born in Grand Rapids on October 11, 1954. In his late teens he became interested in 'new age' Hinduism philosophies. After some years, God brought him back to church and in 1984 he began studying at Moody Bible Institue. There he joined with a group of students who started a street ministry in downtown Chicago.

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