Practical Ways to Support Missions in Your Local Church


Rev. Bill Green


The old adage ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ could be a temptation for some of us regarding our participation in missions. We remember missions when a missionary shows up for “Mission Emphasis week” or when the offering is for a mission cause. Other than that, we thank the Lord that someone is out there on the field, and we continue our weekly tasks pretty much ‘Mission-free’.

It is clear from the testimony of Scripture that local churches are to be very active in the cause of global missions. This is because the Church is one, and our mission is one. We must learn to think of our mission in both local and foreign terms. I believe that our URC congregations are struggling to shake off a bad habit we inherited - that of dividing sharply ‘foreign missions’ and ‘local ministry’. This division allowed us to think that church planting happened somewhere else, and local ministry happened mostly for our own congregation. Thankfully there are many indicators that this is changing, as new churches are being planted and more outreach ministry is happening. I think we have a long ways to go, however, and it will be a struggle for us.

Mission field: