Hispanic Christian Ministry Update November 12, 2008

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Dear HCM Supporters:


Hispanic Christian Ministry Update: Rev. Pennings will be leaving for a ministry trip to Nicaragua from November 17 to 28 for which I covet your prayers. We are thankful to an HCM supporter who has donated “travel points” for the flight portion of this trip. What a wonderfully creative way to provide for the much needed continued funding that helped to make this next trip possible. During this trip he will visit the Hurricane Felix affected area with the Word & Deed Canada promoter. He will also visit and teach in four MINTS Centres, including the Nicaraguan Prison.


The above notice can be used for those contacts who put these updates in church bulletins. Sometimes people ask me what a typical trip schedule looks like. I’ve put together the following itinerary so that you can be praying for the trip on a day-to-day basis:

Hispanic Christian Ministry Update August 13, 2008

The previous update can be found here.

HCM Supporters:

The first three days of this trip was spent accompanying and serving as translator for Rick Postma, the Public Relations Director for Word & Deed Ministries and two Canadian donors who accompanied him. We visited several communities in the interior which were affected by Hurricane Felix of September 2008. The plan was also to travel to Dákura where Word & Deed Nicaragua (a committee made up of five MINTS students) is supporting a community rebuilding project. High winds created very choppy waters, prohibiting us from taking the usual two hour boat ride up the Pacific coast to this coastal fishing village. I was able to make other arrangements for them to make this main visit for which they had come, using three different modes of transportation. We drove over land to a point where we continued by river on a boat to a location where we were able to walk (by a path through some knee-high swampy areas) into the village. Each of the three segments of the trip took about 1½ to 2 hours. But we were grateful to be able to spend a couple of hours in the village looking at the progress being made and talking to village leaders and residents. For updated pictures and progress of the project, please check out the Word and Deed blog at http://wdnicaragua.blogspot.com/2008/11/hurricane-felix-update-rebuilding-homes.html